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Workshop Mentors

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Mentors will provide participants with feedback and help to shape the development of research topics identified during the workshop. The mentors are experienced researchers and clinical specialists: Prof Cathy Holt (Cardiff University), Prof Ian Pallister (Swansea University), Prof Deon de Beer (Central University of Technology, Free State) and Prof Anton du Plessis (Stellenbosch University).

Prof Holt’s research interests are 3D motion analysis, biomechanics and orthopaedic engineering. She has an international reputation for research in the area of analysis and classification of joint function and novel applications of motion capture. Her ideas in developing multidisciplinary studies involving biomechanics, motion analysis and classification for orthopaedics and functional changes due to joint disease and surgical intervention will bring cross-discipline knowledge to the workshop.

Prof Pallister is a practicing orthopaedic trauma surgeon whose interest in major trauma &

clinical skills teaching led him to design custom training models which doctors practice specific time critical emergency procedures. The advantages of 3D design-led processes & AM/3d printing became apparent upon close collaboration with the Lead Applicants. Prof. Pallister will share his experiences & encourage the participants to seek novel solutions for otherwise seemingly insolvable problems.

Prof de Beer’s research focus is on Technology Transfer and Innovation, Design, Accelerated

Product Development, Additive Manufacturing (Focusing on Technology / Platform and Material Development; Applications in General Product Development, e-Manufacturing / Direct Digital Manufacturing; Medical product development (Surgery Planning and Customised Implant Development; Rapid, Direct or Hybrid Tooling Approaches and Direct Laser Sintering of Metals and Polymers).

Prof du Plessis is the unit manager of the CT Scanner Facility as part of the Central Analytical

Facilities (CAF) of Stellenbosch University. His research is focused on laser powder bed fusion in terms of quality control, effect of defects and lattice structures & topology optimization. A second focus area is X-ray tomography, specifically new applications, methodologies and image based simulations. Biomimicry represents a third area of interest where he focusses on natural structures and attempt to learn “design rules” which can be applied to practical engineering applications.

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